A Local Business Pays It Forward

Through Bell State Bank & Trust’s Pay It Forward campaign, each full-time employee receives $1,000 to donate to a nonprofit organization they support.  Julie Lovaas directed her gift to Children’s Theatre Company to help fund a visit to Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery to perform The Biggest Little House in the Forest for those children in need of a little bit of compassion and a reason to smile.


“Seeing firsthand how the power of live theatre reached the kids and mentally transported them all to this faraway land was so heartwarming.  Many of the children in the audience had likely faced housing uncertainties at some point in their young lives, just like the animals in the play.  Their compassion for the characters completely blew me away!” - Julie Lovaas, SVP/Business Banker, Bell State Bank & Trust


Anyone Can Be a Philanthropist

Some of our most heartfelt supporters are CTC’s youngest fans.


They break open their piggy banks, open up lemonade stands, or bake cookies so other children can experience the magic of live theatre. Their support is a living example that if we all do a little, we all do a lot.


Every donation, no matter the amount, makes an impact.

Dear Rachel,

 I want to give this money from my piggy bank to the Children's Theatre so more kids can go to see plays. I love the Children's Theatre because there are soooooooo many different plays and every single one is super awesome! So more kids should see plays. I know they will love it like I do and it will make them happy. It may even be the best day of their life when they see their first play because they will be so happy and excited!


Love - Elsie


P.S. If there is extra money you can use it for a beautiful costume or a cool set or prop.


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