Thanks to our contributors



Individual and Family Foundation Gifts


Members of the Luminary Circle have made annual leadership gifts to support Children’s Theatre Company’s mission to create extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge, and inspire young people and their communities. These gifts help to sustain CTC’s growth, vitality, and fiscal health. Members receive individualized services and invitations to exclusive CTC events.



Thanks to our contributors



Contributions to Children’s Theatre Company help to ensure the creation of extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge and inspire young people.  We are thankful for each and every contribution to CTC.  Each gift is vital to continuing CTC’s nationally recognized programming on our stages and in our community.


◆member of CTC Board of Governors at time of gift

● former member of CTC Board of Governors


*Gifts made July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013



Steve and Tamrah Schaller O'Neil

Michael J. and Susan R. Paxton●

Katherine Payne

Dana Pollard

John S. Reay

Lawrence Redmond

Laurie Rengel

Carmen and Kimo Robertson

Rockler Jackson Family Foundation

David and Debra Roesser

Rev. Lincoln Saul and Dr. Maureen Saul

Jeffrey and Jillaine Savage

Brenden and Heather Schaaf

Joel and Kim Schlachtenhaufen

Wendy Skjerven and Randy Gegelman

Melissa Snelson

Laton and Paula Spahr

Judy and Paul Speltz

Chris and Tricia Sterling

Neal Peterson and Deanna Thompson

Trudy and Daniel Thompson

Becky Thorson and Joe Donnelly

TisBest Charity Gift Cards

Marcia K. Townley

Kim and Paul Vander Vort

Karen and Dennis Vaughn

Lindy and Anton Vincent

Sarah and Scott Wade

Alice & Fred Wall Foundation

David and Nancy Warner

Frederick L. and Elizabeth Weiner

Jo and Howard Weiner

Frank and Christine Wheeler

John and Kelly Whitaker

Kealie and Dallas Williams

Rebecca and Richard Winkelmann

Gary Zywotko

◆member of CTC Board of Governors at time of gift

● former member of CTC Board of Governors


*Gifts made July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013


Supporting CTC by including the theatre in your estate planning will help ensure the future of our mission.  Thank you to the following people who have joined CTC’s Encore Circle by informing CTC of their plans to include the theatre in their estate plans.

If you would like more information about how to join CTC’s Encore Circle, or if you have already included CTC in your will and your name is not listed here, please contact

Marty Allen

Ann Barkelew and James O'Hagan

Kay and Rick Bendel

Ellen and Michael Bendel-Stenzel

Mollie and Wayne Brunetti

Carol E. Cook

Mary Lou and John Dasburg

Rajiv Garg and Sangeeta Jain

Beverly N. Grossman Foundation

Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison

Jill Hentges

Sandy and John Hey

Barbara and James Jeffers

Liz and Jim Krezowski

Jo Ann and Jerome Noack

Deb Sakry Lande and John Lande

Anne Larsen Simonson

Glenda and Richard Struthers

Karen and Dennis Vaughn


Please Consider CTC in Your Estate Planning



We are pleased to recognize the following donors who have made gifts to ensure long-term support for CTC programs through our endowment.


3M Foundation

Susan and Richard Anderson

John E. Andrus, III

The Bendel-Stenzel Family

Best Buy Children's Foundation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Of Minnesota

Peter Carter

James and Julie Chosy

Ann and Michael Ciresi

Cloverfields Foundation

Rusty and Burt Cohen

Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation

Fran Davis

Julia W. Dayton


Scott P. Friesen

General Mills Foundation

Sandy Grieve

Beverly N. Grossman Foundation

Russell Hagen

Ms. Lili Hall Scarpa and Mr. Andrea Scarpa

Richard and Carrie Higgins

Doug Jones Family Foundation

Estate of Ilona Lazar

Doug and Louise Leatherdale

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Martineau

Stephen and Andrea McCue

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Kendrick B. Melrose

G. Mike and Nikki Mikan

John and Sue Morrison Foundation

NEA Planning & Stabilization

Kit and Dick Schmoker

Bill and Wendy Schoppert

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Anne Larsen Simonson/ Larsen Fund

Michael Snow

Ken and Sally Spence

Glenda and Richard Struthers

Travelers Foundation

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

UnitedHealth Group



$25,000 and Above

Doug and Louise Leatherdale

Mark F. and Barbara Lyons

Martha MacMillan◆

N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation

Roger and Violet Noreen Charitable Trust◆

Anne Larsen Simonson/ Larsen Fund◆

$10,000 to $24,999


The Bendel-Stenzel Family◆

Blythe Brenden-Mann Foundation

Morgan and Anna Burns●

Charles H. Clay Family CLAT Trust

Ralph and Jodi Chu◆

Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation◆

Fran Davis◆

Bruce and Ruth Dayton

Eve Deikel◆

Sharon and Jim Hale●

Lili Hall Scarpa and Andrea Scarpa◆

Edward and Julie Lagerstrom◆

Chad and Rafina Larsen, Larsen Fund◆

Aedie McEvoy●

Joanne Pastel and Bill Dunlap◆

Frank and Betsy Russomanno◆

Kit and Dick Schmoker●

Glenda and Richard Struthers●

George and Jackie Tyson◆

Douglas and Patricia Vayda◆

Jeff and Janet Von Gillern◆

Patrick and Sheila Walsh◆

Wenger Foundation

$5,000 TO $9,999


Lynn Abbott◆

Tony and Stacy Abena●

Stefanie and Robert Adams◆

John and Ruth Bergerson

Michael J. Blum and Abigail Rose◆

Renee Burke◆

Rodney and Barbara Burwell◆

Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation

Emily and Jim Carlson◆

Peter Carter●

Rusty and Burt Cohen◆

Scott and Ann Dayton●

Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

Mary Jo Emfield●

Pam and Terry Enstad◆

Michael and Joanna Fanuele◆

G. Bryan Fleming◆

Gina and Scott Gage◆

James and Kathryn Ganley

Rajiv Garg and Sangeeta Jain◆

Annalee and Brett Habstritt

Jeffrey Hatcher and Lisa Stevens◆

Sandy and John Hey◆

Richard and Carrie Higgins◆

Hoyt and Zhen Zhen Hsiao◆

Sam Hsu

Tim Jennings and Truly Carmichael

Bruce and Jean Johnson

Bill and Jane Johnson◆

Christine and Mark Kalla◆

Suzi Kim and Daniel Scott◆

Sarena Lin and Christian Sanft◆

John and Nancy Lindahl

The Peter J. Lindahl Fund

Susan and Edwin McCarthy●

Jim and Linda Milow

George Montague and Nan Dreher◆

The Moore Family Fund for the Arts of the Minneapolis Foundation

Lisa and Marc Paylor◆

JP and Melissa Peltier●

Ellen B. Perl and Franklin L. Noel●

Mark and Juliann Price◆

Gail and Randall Ross◆

Betsy Sagnes◆

Tara Sutton and Gary Wilson◆

Jeanne and Thomas E. Sween◆

Edward R. Bazinet Foundation

The Evert Foundation

David and Greta VanBenschoten◆

Barbara and Michael Wigley●

$2,000 to $4,999


Amy Aadalen

William and Suzanne Ammerman

Brad and Janet Anderson

Kay and Rick Bendel●

Karen Bohn and Gary Surdel●

Peter Brosius and Rosanna Staffa

Chadwick - Loher Foundation

James and Julie Chosy●

Greg and Tina Cronin

David and Kitty Crosby●

David and Lynne Crowther

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tutterow - Dan and Merrie Boone Foundation

Julia W. Dayton

Mary Lee Dayton

Dan Deikel

Teresa and RJ Devick

Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison

Dr. Julie D. Houle

Lucy R. Jones

Helen Kurtz and Michael Tatara◆

Mary and David LaRock

Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier

Donna MacMillan●

Kathleen M. Mahoney

Gina and Sean McDermott

Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

Mary McVay●

Gail and William Munsell

WMN Foundation

Theresa Pesch

Martha and Greg Pomerantz◆

Maria and David Reamer

Brittany and Michael Reger

Becky and Mark Roloff●

Erika Rosenhagen

Peggy and Bill Roush●

Joseph and Kristina Shaffer

Lana & Andrew Slavitt

Ken and Sally Spence●

Mary K. and Gary Stern●

John L. Sullivan●

Meredith and Sam Tutterow

Emily Anne and Gedney Tuttle●

Leslie and Darrell Wright◆

Angus and Margaret Wurtele

$1,000 to $1,999


Marty Allen

Barbara C. and Van O. Anderson●

David and Debra Andreas

Daniel Aronson and Martha Goldberg Aronson

Mary and John Beattie●

Barry Berg

Diana and Brian Beutner

Joy and Sach Bhardwaj

Dixon Bond●

Barbara and John Brin

Claudia and Paul Carr

Kathleen and Ryan Coller

Russell Cowles and Josine Peters

Charles and Kathryn Cunningham

Christy and Kevin Czarnecki

Barb Davis

Stone Pier Foundation on behalf of James G. and Megan M. Dayton

William & Janice Dircks

Ernie and Mary Dorn

Joe Dowling and Siobhan Cleary

Duren Family Foundation

Dr. Mary Lee Enfield

Peter and Kari Espinosa

Leeann and Jeffrey Ettinger

Kerry and Sky Fauver◆

Kathleen Flynn Peterson and Steve Peterson●

Rick and Britt Gage Family Foundation

Bob Gisvold and Patty MacDonald Gisvold

Jodi and Michael Glaser

Michele Goodwin and Greg Shaffer

Peter and Mary Gove

Mr. Peter Hafiz

Matt and Maria Hemsley

Jamie and Scott Honour

Dick and Kathleen Jackson●

Doug and Laura Jaeger●

Sara Janz

Patricia Johnson and Kai Bjerkness

Renee and Paul Johnson

The Kachelmacher - Kreiman Family

Scott and Julie Kammer

Ivars and Gloria Kauls

Mark C. Larsen / Larsen Fund

LeJeune Family Foundation

Jean and Arnie London

Luanna Marrier-Holecek and Bill Holecek

Timothy Mason

David and Staci Mattson

Kendrick B. Melrose●

Douglas and KK Neimann

JoAnn O'Neill

John and Marla Ordway Charitable Lead Trust

Dawn and Darryle Owens

Paula Patineau

Todd Paulson and Lisa Fredrikson Paulson

Betsy and Tom Pfeifer

Jody and Octavio Portu, Jr.●

Tom and Mary Racciatti

Joanne Reed

Ritz Family Foundation

John and Lois Rogers

Samuel and Cecilia Salas●

Barbara and Ed Silver

Jeffrey and Helene Slocum

Tankenoff Families Foundation

Laura and Timothy Vitelli

Renata Winsor

Shay and Brenda Wyley

$500 to $999


Sara Ahluwalia

Theresa Alewine

Mary C. Anderson

Charles and Melanie Barry

Linda Batterson

Marcy and Randy Betcher

Joe Bidwell

Susan Boren and Steve King

Megan and Jason Carroll

Sarah R. and Gerald M. Caruso●

Steven and Amy Clay

Mike and Leslie Connelly

Carol and Randy Cote

Tim and Kristi Curoe●

Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton

Jean Dehning

Peter and Susan DeMaris

Marlene Dennstaedt

Mary and Gregg Dourgarian

David and Johanna Duclos●

Stephen Einhorn

David Etzwiler and Sarah Truesdell◆

Barbara and Stephen Fischer

Jay Fredericks

Sarah Fuerstenberg

Elizabeth Furman

Megan and Drew Gaillard

Lisa Gault

Virginia Gliedman

Susan and Bill Goldenberg

Harold and Cindi Goldfine

Charlie and Pam Grossman

Amy and John Haben

Harriet and Edson Spencer Fund

Rebecca Harris

Martha B. Hartfiel●

The Head Foundation

Tom and Laurel Hendrickson

Joan Hessidence and Rick Wall

Milo Hoehn

Diane and Tony Hofstede

Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt

Stacey Hoppe

Kim and Willard Hunnewell

Janet Jacobs and Ted Fine

Joel and Mary Lee Jennings

John E. Andrus III CLAT

Suzy and Thad Johnson

Kathleen Jones

Art and Martha Kaemmer

George and Christine Kehl

E. Robert and Margaret V. Kinney Fund of The Mpls Foundation

Jonna Kosalko

Alicia and Mike Kroll

Chris Lawrence and Meghan McGrann

Jeannine Lee and Roger Finney

Calvin and Christine Litsey●

Reid and Ann MacDonald

Mary and Michael Maeser

Angie Marsh

Jeninne McGee

John G. and Lois M. McNutt Fund

Sarah Medrano

Mendon F. Schutt Familly Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Sheila C. Morgan●

Tera and John Muellerleile

Tim and Danette Mulhere●

Elinor and Thomas Nicklawske

Julie and Steve Nilsson

Thomas Olson



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